Name      Project     Degree
Danielle Courcelles Impacts of small hydropower projects on stream producers and consumers M.Sc. 2016     current: BC Ministry of Environment
Kim Sheldon Season-specific and stream size-specific survival rates of cutthroat trout
Stephanie Avery-Gomm Instream flow requirements for the endangered Nooksack dace M.Sc.
Aya Murakami Climate variation and stream communities systems M.Sc.
Trisha Atwood Food web structures and carbon flux in streams Ph.D.
Stephanie Chalmers Swimming abilities and predator avoidance by dislodged sockeye salmon alevins M.Sc.
Dr. Liz Perkin Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Santiago Larrañaga Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Hamish Greig Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Misun Kang Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Takashi Sakamaki Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Rachael Dudaniec Post-doctoral Fellow
Carin Bondar Ontogeny and ecology of signal crayfishDr Bondar’s web Ph.D. 2007 – current: media personality
Shelly Boss Food limitation of cutthroat trout M.Sc. 1999 – current: Environment Canada
Jennie Christensen Amphibian Ecotoxicology M.Sc. 2002 – current: Post-doctoral fellow, U Victoria
Isabelle Deguise Movements of western toad adults M.Sc. 2007 – current: Environmental Consulting
Will Gibson Research Assistant Assistant 2006-2009 – current: Consultant
Charlotte Gjerlov Streams and forestry Post-doctoral Fellow 1999-2002 – current: Regional Ecologist, Countryside Council for Wales
Alana Hilton Effect of forestry on northwestern salamanders M.Sc. 2005 – current: Consultant
Trent Hoover Hydraulic influences on stream biological processes Ph.D. 2008 – current: Post-doctoral Fellow
Lisa Larson Biology of Coeur d’Alene salamanders M.Sc. 2009 – current: Parks Canada
Peter Kiffney Forestry impacts on basal resources in streams Research Associate 1996-1998 – current: US National Marine Fisheries Service
Renata Kolodziejczyk Effects of leaf litter diversity on streams M.Sc. 2005 – current: consultant
Suzie Lavallee Associations of Scaphinotus angusticollis biology with forestry Ph.D. 2004 – current: instructor
M. Agi Kim Mallory Density dependence in tailed frog tadpoles M.Sc. 1999 – current: Consultant
Laurie B. Marczak Cross-boundary ecosystem subsidies from streams to riparian areas Ph.D. 2007 – current: Assistant Professor, U of Montana
Brent Matsuda Tailed frogs and forestry M.Sc. 2001 – current: Consultant
Katherine Maxcy Amphibians and forestry M.Sc. 2000 – current: Consultant
Michael D. McArthur Microbial growth on stream DOC M.Sc. 1999 – current: BC Hydro
Jill Melody Forestry and stream benthos in continental BC M.Sc. 2000 – current: Consultant
Junjiro Negishi Stream restoration and physical changes for benthos M.Sc. 2001 – current: Assistant Professor, U of Hokkaido
Heidy Peterson Competition between Oregon spotted frog and red-legged frog M.Sc. 2001 – current: Scientist, Seattle Power & Light
Ed Quilty Time series modelling of environmental data Ph.D. (incompl. 2004 -) current: President, AquaticInformatics
Pamela F. Reece Stream benthos and environment M.Sc. 1998, research assistant 1998-2000 – current: Consultant
Aya Reiss Ecosystem subsidies from headwater streams M.Sc. 2007 – current: Medical School, U of Washington
Laura L. Rempel Stream benthos and environment M.Sc. 1997 – current: Research Scientist, DFO Canada
Jeff Shatford Tiger salamanders & tailed frogs Research Assistant 1997-1999 – current: Parks Canada
Al Shaw Sediment and stream benthos M.Sc. 1999 – current: Consultant
Diane Klimuk Sutherland Sediment and stream benthos Research Assistant 1998-2001 – current: BC Ministry of Environment
Shannon Turvey Congruence of diversity in different taxa, and the role of downed wood M.Sc. 2007 – current: Medical School, UBC
Sylvia Wood Toad tadpoles and effects of fine sediments M.Sc. 2007 – current: PhD student, McGill U.
Yixin Zhang Aquatic ecosystems and resource subsidies Research Associate 2007 – current: Assistant Professor, Texas State University