Roseanna Gamlen-Greene

I’m a PhD student studying freshwater invasion ecology and conservation biology in amphibian communities. In the past, I have studied marine subsidies to freshwater ecosystems, food-web dynamics of a critically endangered sea-lion, co-evolution of sexual reproduction and parasites in a freshwater snail and above-ground below-ground interactions.
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Email: roseanna.gamlen.greene at gmail dot com
UBC Four Year Fellowship – 2016

Peer-reviewed publications

Gamlen-Greene, R. Harding, JS. Hawke, DJ. Horton, TW. (In review) “Forest stream biota carbon: nitrogen ratios are unaffected by nutrient subsidies from breeding Westland petrels (Procellaria westlandica)”

Hawke, D. Gamlen-Greene, R,.Harding, JS. Leishman, D (2017) “Minimal ecosystem uptake of selenium from Westland petrels, a forest-breeding seabird” Science of the Total Environment. 574, 148–154

Gamlen-Greene, R. Clemens, J. Morgenroth, J. Lechner, M. Godsoe, W. (2014) “When belowground rumbles: a plant’s interactions with antagonists are robust to earthquake-induced shifts in the below-ground environment.” New Zealand Journal of Ecology 38.1

Gamlen-Greene, R. Harding, JS. Hawke,DJ. (2014) “Detecting current and historic marine subsidies in stream communities” Thesis in partial fulfilment of a BSc(Honours) degree in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury.

Gamlen-Greene, R. Harding, JS. Hawke, DJ. McMurtrie, SA. (2014) “Up s**t creek: using stable isotopes and trace elements to detect seabird subsidies in stream ecosystems.” Water Symposium of the New Zealand Hydrological Society, New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society and the IPENZ Rivers Group 2014

Gamlen-Greene, R. Harding, S. Jon. Hawke, J. David (2014) “Detecting marine subsidies in stream communities: endangered seabirds, seals and a subantarctic island” 9th IsoEcol – International Conference on Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies, 3rd-8th August 2014, Perth.

Graham, B. Childerhouse, S. Gamlen-Greene, R. Roberts, J. (2015) “Drilling back through time: Unraveling the decline in New Zealand sea lion using stable isotope techniques” Victoria University of Wellington, School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Bowie, H. Mountier, C. Fox, B. Boyer, S. Gamlen-Greene, R. Brown, S. Sullivan, JJ. Hoare, R. Johns, P. (2011) “An invertebrate survey of reserves, covenants and significant remnants of eastern Banks Peninsula in 2010-2011.” Lincoln University. Bio-Protection & Ecology Division.