Research Projects

Riparian and stream ecosystem function in small, coastal BC streams, and the effectiveness of riparian buffers ( a short summary from StreamLines)
The Forest-Stream Linkages Project

Stream invertebrates

Amphibian population ecology (especially endangered species)
Amphibian assemblages
Terrestrial invertebrates

Tailed Frogs
Pacific Giant Salamanders
Tiger Salamanders
Oregon Spotted Frog
Benthos communities as indicators of stream ecosystem responses to forest practices in the boreal forest
Resource limitation in streams and the role of organic matter source
Ecotoxicology in streams
Fraser River ecosystem studies

Name: Renata Blank
Homepage: Linking terrestrial and stream ecosystems

Name: Mike D. McArthur
Homepage: Microbial utilization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) leached from riparian tree species of different seral stages.

Name: Shelly Boss
Homepage: Summer resource limitation and over-winter movement and survival of resident coastal cutthroat trout.
Name: Junjiro Negishi
Homepage: Will installation of in-stream structures change density and diversity of macroinvertebrate community?