PhD students

Ana M. Chará-Serna ana.chara at Cumulative effects of multiple agricultural stressors on stream ecosystems
Roseanna Gamlen-Greene roseanna.gamlen.greene at Invasion ecology in amphibian communities
Brian Kielstra  brian.kielstra at Terrestrial-aquatic linkages across scales
Kasey Moran k.moran at Riparian plant communities
Sean Naman naman at The influence of physical habitat on invertebrate drift and juvenile salmon production
Tonya Ramey Influence of small streams on riparian invertebrate communities and terrestrial ecosystem functions
Felipe Rossetti de Paula ferossetti at Riparian protection in Brazil
Alex Yeung alex.yeung at Responses of stream ecosystem structure and functions to forest disturbance

MSc students

Gillian Fuss g.fuss at Causes of turbidity in forest streams
David Tavernini david.tavernini at Tributary junctions
Stefanie Lane stefanie.lane at Plant dispersal and functional diversity
Teresa Silverthorn teresa.silverthorn at Riparian GHG emissions