Junjiro Negishi

Email: junjiron@interchg.ubc.ca

Position: M.Sc. 2001

After graduating from Hokkaido University in Japan, I decided to study more about aquatic bugs. My research interests are on aquatic and riparian ecosystems, disturbance from various land use, and habitat heterogeneity. Aquatic bugs are sometimes cute and picking them can be fun for the first hours. After a while…you just need to be like a robot that works for assembly lines. I am enjoying a wet Vancouver and the forests. I need more rain for my research… but I hate rain for normal life. General interest: Fishing, traveling, hiking, and drinking.

Questions: Will installation of in-stream structures change density and diversity of macroinvertebrate community? What is the relationship between channel heterogeneity and macroinvertebrate communities like? Do flow refugia play some role in this relationship? Why do animals accumulate in refugia habitat, for food or just due to slow flow?

Two kinds of experiments are underway in UBC’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.
1) Monitoring of invertebrate communities through manipulation of channel heterogeneity with in-stream structures (photo A/B/C) and 2) Factorial experiments using substrate baskets, in which refugia vs. non-refugia habitat, existence of natural vs. artificial leaves are examined over high flow events (photo D/E/F).
Keywords: macroinvertebrates, heterogeneity of channel structure, flow refugia, streams.


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